Web Developer at Pebble
Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
Salary range: $$$$$
Number of Reviews: 1
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Job Description: The Pebble tech team is looking for a handful of talented NodeJS developers to lay the foundation for our AppStore and internal web tools teams. Candidates will be expected to identify problems, inefficiencies and opportunities in our system, and act on them. Ideally, we’re looking for talent that goes beyond coding, to people who can make smart business decisions, and are inspired by driving growth through consumer facing features and internal web-tools like: Pebble’s analytics and metrics systems, the Pebble AppStore, systems to help the business run more efficiently and scale: fraud, fulfillment, support, etc, and application discovery & downloads. We'll be developing solutions using a mixture of NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis and Golang.
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"Free housing at the Pebble Pad (house full of interns and from time to time, some full times). Catered lunch, unlimited snacks and drinks (alcohol incl.), and a newbie package containing a Macbook of your choice, a shirt, a sweater, and two Pebbles (one plastic and one steel). Culture and team are great and the Web team lead is extremely good at what he does, is laid back, and gives you active feedback and coaching. You get the opportunity to work on a lot of interesting things and are given a lot of responsibility. Work is primarily in NodeJS with some Ruby on Rails. Since the lead is very big in the open-source NodeJS community, if you create something that can be open-sourced, it will be. Worked on appstore, APIs and internal tools"

almost 5 years ago

Based on $1700/week