Cad Operator at Plan Group Inc
Location: Vaughan, On - Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 3
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 416 clicks
Job Description: Using Revit, Autocad to draft construction drawings. Mostly mechanical and electrical type drawings. If you do not know how to use Revit, chances are you will be doing paperwork.
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"Pros: Very nice work environment and awesome people. There are stuff to learn if you want to get in to construction industry. Personally had my best time of my life there. The pay was average, which I later realized was more than what most companies pay, and if you show interest you will definitely get support. Cons: Definitely not an "engineering" job, more of CAD job. lots of paperwork, which may be fine for the first couple coops but not towards the last coops. strict work hours."

almost 2 years ago

Based on $770/week
"To add on to the previous rating, this workplace is straight cancer. Bad work environment, supervisor straight up told me "stop asking questions, and do your work" along with "you're here to work, nothing else, because Plan Group gives you job experience, and money for schooling. You are not here to learn." Worst work term by far, supervisor (I will not mention names, but his/her nickname is "Kristina") is a snake. Avoid this co-op job at all costs."

about 2 years ago

Based on $700/week
"This job is what the description says. CAD all day, not much engineering as Plan Group is a construction company. Working with the team, there are no engineers in this office, all technicians, so if you are looking for engineering related work, this isn't the right job. Being a senior student with Revit knowledge will allow you to work on bigger projects, however it will mainly be creating coordination drawings from 2D to 3D. If you do not know Revit/are a junior student, you will be doing paperwork. The job description is quite accurate and some knowledge of construction is needed to succeed. Again, if you are searching for some engineering design experience, or want mentoring from professional engineers in your field, this isn't the job."

about 3 years ago

Based on $700/week